Donald W. Landin, LT, USN (retired)

Donald W. Landin, LT, USN (retired) peacefully passed away at his home in Boise, Idaho at 2330 (local time) yesterday, 3 November.

His wife, Lee, plans to have his remains interred at Arlington Cemetery on January 31, 2012 at Arlington.

Dear Lee,

Mr Landin was my division officer aboard the Waddell from 1976-1978. I'm deeply saddened to hear of his passing. He was a good man, and a powerful role model for younger men like myself, kids just trying to figure life out. He led by example, and from him I learned many important life lessons, tools that I still use to this day. I was honored to have served with him.

Mrs. L, you'll be in our prayers.

Bob (ETR3 -USS Waddell '76-'78) and Rebecca Fowler

The Don ’s interment is January 31st at 9:00am EST.  There will be 17 people attending the event.  

You will need ID for entering the cemetery.   The ceremony will begin at the Admin building and from there we can either walk behind the caisson, as I want to do or I will have the bus follow the cortege if you do not want to walk to Don’s final resting place.   The weather looks to be holding however, it could change on a dime so, plan accordingly.  It is currently 57 degrees, who knows.    

I will have two dozen roses for you to either take one or place on the casket.   There will also be a red rose spray to be placed on the grave after Arlington staff takes care of the grave.   The headstone will not be present.   That will set at a later date. 

After the ceremony is complete we can stay at the grave site as long as we need to as the cars will be at the grave site. 

The service will be photographed by Mattox Photography and they will post the pictures with 24-36 hours after the ceremony.   The photographer will have information on how to access and order pictures if you would like them.  password is LANDIN.   The pictures will be available for approximately 4 months after the ceremony.   With this event being personal for each of you, I would encourage that you select your pictures and make arrangements with Mattox on how you procure them.   Logistically it would be very difficult for me to try and coordinate packages for you and the entire party.   I am sure if you work with the other members of the party and share a package that might be an economical way to go.    

 The weather in Washington seems to cold but no snow or rain.   Let’s keep our fingers crossed.  

Finally, Don is official here is his notice of interment: 

Take Care, Lee