James P Kvederis, CAPT, USN (retired)

Born February 1930, James Paul Kvederis enlisted in the United States Navy in 1950. Attaining his college degree while enlisted, James re-enlisted attending Officers Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island. As an officer, James served his country in various capacities while assigned to the USS Wadleigh, the USS Luce, the USS Waddell and the USS Haverfield. James attended the Naval Post Graduate School in May 1968 and was assigned as Commanding Officer of the USS Kirk.  

After a stellar career, Captain James P Kvederis retired from the Navy in 1980. He is survived by his wife and 7 children. Captain Kvederis passed on September 8, 2012. 

VIEWING was Monday September 17, 2012, 4:00PM - 8:00PM at Poway-Bernardo Mortuary

FUNERAL MASS was Tuesday September 18, 2012, 10:30AM at St. Michael Catholic Church

COMMITTAL was Tuesday September 18, 2012, 1:00PM at Miramar National Cemetery San Diego, San Diego County, CA, Plot: SECTION 9 SITE 625


I remember him from my time on the Waddell and later when he was co of the Kirk I heard him on the radio while I was in Vietnam and arranged to visit him (via a small fishing boat) and spent the bnight.  First hot shower I had had in three months.  He was really hospitable and I will miss him.  I will send a condolence note

Howard Richmond

Kvederis was my first XO on Waddell. Always wondered what happened to him. Appreciate the update.

Rich Gartrell

This morning I received my copy of MILITARY OFFICER in the mail.  I was sorry to see the obituary for, who I believe , was one of our shipmates.  I think that Jim Kvederis was the XO when I reported onboard in late May 1966.  He was relieved by Jim Thearle in approximately August 1966.  I found 2 pictures of Jim Kvederis on page 15 or our cruise book.  In one of the pictures he is standing next to Captain Walker and in the other picture he is sitting next to Jane Walker. 

Jim had a brother who was a Navy Chief Warrant Officer.  I do not remember his name but met him on a Navy C-130 flight from Norfolk, Virginia to Richardson, Texas while I was station at Commander Naval Air Forces Atlantic during the 1968 – 1971 timeframe.  The aircraft was a TACAMO (which, I think stood, for “Take Charge And March Off)  aircraft which communicated with our submarines prior to the days satellite communications. 

Ed Hernandez

I worked with Jim after we both retired, at Unisys Corp.... and Since I had lost touch over the years, I knew he was ill, and his wife was aquainted with us...Marie was home when I called the phone number I have in my phone book, and we talked for nearly an hour, as she related to me his last breaths on earth.   Jim was a great person to know and we had good times when we both were in the Civilian world at Unisys Corp.......

Marie, his wife, unloaded his final life with her, as we talked for quite a while....  He didn't go to peacefully, but it was an interesting conversation with her... 

I'm glad you sent this to the Waddell crew, as I had already retired when he was the 'Skipper'...  He never mentioned it at work, with me... nor I him... strangely enough... 

Jim was a good friend, and I was sorry to hear the regurgitation from Marie, over his final hours.... Had to have been tough on her... 

Thanks for sending the data CDR, JIm Kvederis was a good friend and most likely a Great Skipper.. 

Bob Boles