1991 Command Narrative

24 July 1992
By Direction
Commanding Officer, USS WADDELL (DDG 24)


Command Composition and Organization - USS WADDELL remained assigned to Destroyer Squadron 33 throughout 1991.  WADDELL's Commanding Officer during the first part of the year was Commander Robert E. Smith, USN.  On 25 May 1991, Commander Smith was relived by Commander Gene R. McGalliard, USN, who commanded the ship for the remainder of the year.  WADDELL is permanently homeported in San Diego, California.

WADDELL began the year in a holiday leave and upkeep period which followed a three month Counter-Narcotic Deployment to Central American and Caribbean operating areas at the end of 1990.  Following the leave and upkeep period, WADDELL got underway from San Diego and traveled to San Francisco for a port visit.  While enroute to Naval Station Treasure Island, the ship conducted law enforcement operations and began what would become a year long effort to prepare for an Operational Propulsion Plant Examination. 

After spending three days in San Francisco, WADDELL got underway for her return trip to San Diego.  While enroute, the ship conducted Engineering Casualty Control Drills and Anti-Submarine Warfare Exercises.

Upon returning to San Diego, WADDELL spent three weeks preparing for the first major step toward successfully completing OPPE:  A COMNAVSURFPAC Mobile Training Team Phase II visit.  During this time, however, the ship also learned that it was being tasked on short notice with making a seven week Counter-Narcotic deployment to the Central American operating areas.  Thus, only five days after completing MTT Phase II, WADDELL headed south, chopping to CJTF FOUR operational control a few days later.

After two weeks on station as a picket ship for Counter-Narcotic Detection and Monitoring operations, WADDELL headed south for a three day visit in Guayaquil, Ecuador.  While enroute to Guayaquil on 09 April 91, WADDELL crossed the equator and conducted a much needed shellback initiation ceremony.  WADDELL's subsequent visit to Ecuador was highlighted by a reception held onboard the ship for several officials from the U.S. Embassy.

Upon completion of her port visit to Ecuador, WADDELL returned to her patrol station for another three weeks of Counter-Narcotic operations before heading back north toward home.  However, after outchopping from CJTF FOUR operational control, WADDELL still had to complete her NGFS requalification before returning to San Diego on 16 May 1991.  The ship requalified easily, scoring over 100 on a scale of 100.

The two weeks following her return to San Diego were busy ones for the ship.  On 25 May 92 CDR G.R. McGalliard relieved CDR R.E. SMITH as Commanding Officer of the WADDELL. WADDELL had to prepare for an MTT Phase III visit.  Repair work being carried out in the engineering plan prevented the ship from getting underway for MTT Phase III; however, WADDELL's engineers worked hard prior to and during the visit and made substantial progress toward their ultimate goal of passing OPPE.

During the month of June, WADDELL continued her OPPE preparations, getting underway for ECC Drills and completing a short repair availability.  During this month WADDELL also hosted several midshipmen assigned TAD to the ship as part of PACTRAMID Phase I.

The summer was dedicated to more midshipman training.  As part of PACTRAMID Phases II and III, WADDELL spent another seven weeks away from San Diego conducting operations with various other Pacific Fleet and Canadian ships divided into surface action groups.  These operations were interspersed with port visits to Prince Rupert, British Columbia; Everett, Washington; Victoria, British Columbia; and Seattle, Washington.  In Seattle, WADDELL joined dozens of other ships and thousands of tourists for the annual Seattle Seafair.  While enroute to Seattle, the ship took part in COMPTUEX 91-4, a war at sea exercise in which all of the Pacific Fleet ships who attended the Seafair also participated.

Upon the conclusion of the Seafair, WADDELL headed south on its way back to San Diego.  While enroute, the ship stopped at NAS Alameda, California to take on fuel and to embark another MTT Phase II team.  Despite several mechanical problems in the engineering plant which developed during the previous six weeks of steaming, WADDELL once again was able to make progress towards a successful OPPE during this visit.

Once WADDELL reached San Diego, she immediately began a six week post deployment availability.  During this period, every member of WADDELL's crew found himself busy preparing for OPPE, for a Combat Systems Assessment, for a Supply Management Assessment, for a Training Readiness Examination, or for a Type Commander 3-M Inspection.

In addition to all of the inspections listed above, WADDELL also underwent Five-Year Strength and Integrity (SAI) inspections conducted by a NAVSSES boiler inspector on three of her boilers.  These inspections required extensive disassembly of equipment in both firerooms and ultimately required WADDELL to remain inport until early December.  By the time the ship was ready to get underway again, she had successfully passed CSA, SMA, TRE, and the 3-M Inspection; however, the extensive repair work and lengthy down time in the engineering plant had set WADDELL back in her preparations for OPPE.

The middle of December saw WADDELL successfully restore her engineering plant to a fully operational condition and successfully complete an MTT Phase III visit.  Thus, when the year ended with another holiday leave and upkeep period, the ship looked forward to passing OPPE and making yet another CENTAM/CARIB deployment in support of Counter-Narcotic Operations early in 1992.

Chronology - 1991

01-13 January Inport -Leave and Upkeep San Diego, California
14 Jan-12 February Inport -Upkeep San Diego
13-15 February Underway -Enroute to San Francisco, California
16-18 February Inport -Port Visit San Francisco
19-25 February Underway -Enroute to San Diego
26 Feb-17 March Inport -Upkeep San Diego
18 March Inport -San Diego (MTT PhaseII)
19-20 March Underway -SOCAL OPAREA (MTT Phase II)
21-24 March Inport -Upkeep San Diego
25 Mar-10 April Underway -EASTPAC/CENTAM OPAREA
11-12 April Inport -Port Visit Guayaquil, Ecuador
13 Apr-16 May Underway -EASTPAC/CENTAM OPAREAS
17-24 May Inport -Upkeep San Diego
25 May Inport -San Diego (Change of Command)
26-27 May Inprot -Upkeep San Diego
28-30 May Inport -San Diego (MTT Phase III)
31-18 May Inport -Upkeep San Diego
19-20 June Underway -SOCAL OPAREA (ECC Drills)
21-27 June Inport -Upkeep San Diego
28 Jun-02 July Underway -Enroute to Prince Rupert, British Columbia
03-07 July Inport -Port Visit Prince Rupert
08 July Underway -Enroute to Masset, British Columbia
08 July Anchored -Masset, British Columbia
08-11 July Underway -Enroute to Everett, Washington
12-14 July Inport -Port Visit Everett
15-19 July Underway -Enroute to Victoria, British Columbia
20-23 July Inport -Port Visit Victoria
24 July Underway -Esquimalt, British Columbia
24 July Inport -Refuel Esquimalt
25-30 July Underway -Enroute to Seattle, Washington (COMPUTEX 91-4)
31 Jul-04 August Inport -Port Visit Seattle (Seattle Seafair)
05-09 August Underway -Enroute to NAS Alameda, California
09-10 August Inport -Refuel NAS Alameda
10-12 August Underway -Enroute San Diego, California (MTT Phase II)
13 Aug-03 September Inport -Upkeep San Diego
04-06 September Inport -San Diego (MTT Phase III)
07 Sep-27 October Inport -Upkeep San Diego
28 Oct-01 November Inport -San Diego (Supply Management Assessment/3-M Inspection)
02-17 November Inport -Upkeep San Diego
18-21 November Inport -San Diego (Combat Systems Assessment/Training Readiness Evaluation)
22 Nov-08 December Inport -Upkeep San Diego
09-10 December Underway -SOCAL OPAREA (Sea Trials)
11-16 December Inport -Upkeep San Diego
17-20 December Underway -SOCAL OPAREA (MTT Phase III)
21-31 December Inport -Leave and Upkeep San Diego