1982-1985 Brief Narrative

On 3 September 1982 CDR E.K. KRISTENSEN relieved CDR B.E. ALLEN, Jr. as Commanding Officer of the WADDELL.In October of 1982, USS WADDELL was underway for the Western Pacific and the Indian Ocean.  After Operations with Battle Group Foxtrot in the Indian Ocean the ship steamed toward the Northern Pacific for some rigorous operations with the Enterprise, Midway and Coral Sea Battle Groups.  In May of 1983, USS WADDELL returned home once again.

November of 1984 saw WADDELL safely home from WESTPAC and the Persian Gulf.  While assigned to the MIDDLE EAST FORCE, WADDELL participated in surveillance operations and escort duties.  After more than sixty days in the Gulf, WADDELL steamed south to Australia for some well-deserved liberty.  On return to San Diego, the ship made preparations for a 10-month extensive overhaul at Long Beach Naval Shipyard.

In January 1985 CDR J.D. LASSWELL relieved CDR E.K. KRISTENSEN as Commanding Officer of the WADDELL. During her overhaul period in Long Beach, March to December 1985, USS WADDELL proved to the fleet that she and her crew were a strong team.  The Warship completed overhaul and all examinations, including the important Light-Off Examination (LOE), in record time with outstanding results.  WADDELL won deserved praise from both the fleet and the shipyard.

The New Year commenced with Warship WADDELL inport San Diego for upkeep and holiday leave.  Having just returned from overhaul in Long Beach Naval Ship Yard, the crew started preparation for the many upcoming inspections and work up for deployment scheduled early 1986.