1975 Command Narrative

7 JUN 1976
Commanding Officer, USS WADDELL (DDG-24)

 INTRODUCTION.  The Command History of USS WADDELL for year 1975 will be divided into eight sections.  The eight sections are listed below and include the following information:

A. Chronology of Events
    (1) Year's progression
    (2)Major Milestones of Overhaul

B. Pre-Overhaul Preparation

C. Weapons Department - Overhaul includes Major Changes to Weapons Capability

D. Operations Department - Updated Major Communications Capability is installed and minor refinements made to existing equipment.

E. Supply - Ship's overhaul Assistance Program (SOAP)

F. Engineering Department - Major Overhaul of Engineering Plant as well as Completion of Light Off Examination (LOE) both fore and aft

G. Post-Overhaul

H. Significant Messages and Correspondence

Chronology of Events

1. Year's Progression
  1 JAN-22 JAN Inport San Diego
  22-23 JAN Towed from San Diego to Seal Beach by USS TAWASA (ATF-92)
  23 JAN Offload ammunition Seal Beach and Arrival Long Beach Naval Shipyard
  24 JAN - 2 DEC Overhaul by Long Beach Naval Shipyard
  3 DEC Completed Overhaul
  4 DEC Inport Long Beach
  5 DEC Ammunition Loadout - Seal Beach
  6 DEC - 7 DEC Inport Long Beach
  8 DEC - 11 DEC Commenced SACS/FORACS
  12 DEC Arrive San Diego
  13 DEC - 14 DEC Inport San Diego
  15 DEC - 19 DEC MTT Phase I
  20 DEC - 31 DEC Christmas Holiday Leave and Upkeep
2. Major Milestones of Overhaul  
  27 JAN - 28 JAN SOAP Offload
  28 JAN Commence Overhaul
4 MAR Drydock #2
  7 FEB - 8 FEB 1200 PSI MTT #1
  22 MAY Undock
  25 JUN Complete machinery repairs aft
  27 JUN Complete machinery repairs forward
  11 JUL Major machinery installation aft
  24 JUN - 23 JUL Mock PEB aft
  8 AUG Shipboard machinery, boiler repairs forward
  11 AUG Major machinery installation forward
  6 AUG - 14 AUG Mock PEB forward
  16 SEP Reopening of Enlisted Dining Facility
  22 SEP Light off aft
  16 OCT - 20 OCT SOAP backload
  27 OCT Light off forward
  31 OCT Dock trial
  3 NOV - 4 NOV Fast cruise
  6 NOV - 7 NOV, 12 NOV Electronic/Machinery Sea Trial
  13 NOV - 14 NOV Sonar/Weapons Sea Trial, Machinery Sea Trials
  2-3 DEC Completed Satisfactory Full Power Trial
  2 DEC - 3 DEC Complete overhaul

PRE-OVERHAUL. The first 3 weeks of 1975 found USS WADDELL (DDG-24) in her home port of San Diego, preparing for the upcoming overhaul at Long Beach Naval Shipyard.  Preparation for the overhaul included removal of ASROC launcher, gun mounts, and  director; removal of air and surface search radars; as well as marking accesses for cutting into the ship's decks and sides for removal of major machinery; and a final offload of ammunition at Seal Beach..On 7 January 1975 USS WADDELL officially shifted home ports, arriving in Long Beach Naval Shipyard under tow on 23 January.  due to extensive cannibalization of ship's parts during the preparation phase for overhaul.USS WADDELL then spent 5 days in Long Beach in final coordination of job orders as well as establishing liaison with the various shops in the shipyard.  On 28 January 1975 USS WADDELL officially began her extended overhaul at Long Beach Naval Shipyard.

WEAPONS DEPARTMENT.  During the overhaul period at Long Beach Naval Shipyard, the Weapons Department received a major update in the Gunnery System.  The old 5"/54 caliber MK 42 MOD 7 and 8 gun mounts and their accompanying loading systems were entirely removed, being replaced in overhaul by 2 new 5"/54 caliber MC 42 MOD 10 gun mounts with their upgraded electronics and micro-switches.  The installation of the MOD 10 gun mounts progressed smoothly culminating in a record gun shoot during sea trials with 233 rounds fired in all modes without a casualty.  In addition the onboard MK 68 GFCS recieved a major overhaul complete with new director as well as restoration of the existing MK 47 and MK 116 computer, MK 76 amplifier, and 53A radar.

In addition, the ASW systems received a major updating during the overhaul.  The old AN/SQS-23F sonar system transmitting banks were replaced with solid state transmitters while the MK 112 ASROC launcher was completely refurbished.  A technical library and F-2 division study room were established in the spaces vacated as a result of the old transmitter equipment removal.

During the ROH, the surface missile system underwent extensive repairs and alterations.  The system was updated to the ARM/ACTIVE baseline configurations, and a new equipment, the Target Acquisition Console MK 105, was installed.  These changes make possible employment of the Standard ARM (Anti-Radiation Missile), as well as previously available semi-active missiles.  Overhauls were completed on the AN/SP5-39A 3D air search radar, guided missile fire control radars and directors, and guided missile launching system.  The SMS overhaul terminated with two days of sea trials, which demonstrated system operation to design specifications.

OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT.  During the regular overhaul nearly all Operations electronic equipment was either overhauled or replaced.  In addition, four major ship alterations were accomplished.

The Communications capability was modernized after installation of SHIPALT DDG2-312.  This ship alteration updated the communications spaces by modernizing and rearranging equipment to improve message processing and the operating capabilities.  SHIPALT DDG2-425 updated the antenna system, making it compatible with the new equipment installed.  USS WADDELL also received a Satellite Communications capability with the installation of SHIPALT DDG2-478.

The new Mark XII (AIMS) IFF system was installed during this overhaul.  Technically known as Ship Alteration DDG2-309, this system incorporates a crypto device into the IFF system for secure Mode 4 unit identification.  This system also provides for digital readout of identification codes.

SUPPLY DEPARTMENT.  As a result of the overhaul the Supply Department was able to refurbish its Enlisted Dining Facility (EDF) and have new equipment installed in the galley, officer, and chief petty officer pantries, laundry, and ship's store.

The EDF was completely refurbished with new table tops, deck tile and bulkhead sheathing.  In addition, a second ice machine was installed and the ice cream machine was relocated to the EDF.  New terazzo decks were laid both in the scullery and galley.  In addition to the new deck, a new dishwasher was also installed in the scullery.

In the ship service area, a new washer and dryer was installed in the laundry increasing laundry output and improving service.  A complete new ship's store facade was also designed and put in.

The officer and chief petty officer messes were not forgotten.  Two new dishwashers, two improved reefers, a freezer, and milk dispenser were added to these spaces.

ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT.  WADDELL's Engineering spaces received a large percentage of the funding during ROH 75 in addition to the expenditure of large quantities of manhours from both shipyard and ship force personnel.  The boiler package alone was $3 million.  A major effort was expended toward achieving PEB-LOE standards in all engineering spaces.

Major equipment replaced included forward and aft emergency diesels, installation of NR 7 air conditioning unit (75 ton capacity), cathodic protection system, replacement of all 500 KW SSTG sets with renovated 750 KW SSTG sets.  All boilers were reworked to manufacturers' specifications and all fireroom auxiliary equipment received class Bravo overhauls.  Engineroom pumps received similar treatment and the ship's service air system was renewed with the addition of three Ingersol-Rand air compressors to upgrade the system throughout the ship.

All work progressed on schedule culminating with successful completion of PEB-Light Off examination on each's first attempt in both forward and after plants in September and October 1975.  Ship successfully completed flexibility tests on all 4 boilers and achieved full power status without restrictions during ROH Sea Trials; enabling the ship to establish a record for DDG overhauls at Long Beach NSY by completing overhaul in record time.  In the past year, the USS WADDELL has met every operational commitment assigned by high authority.  Moreover, during this period, USS WADDELL's Engineering Department received its fourth consecutive excellence award.

POST-OVERHAUL.  Upon completion of overhaul USS WADDELL on 5 December 1975 transited across Los Angeles Harbor to Anaheim Bay, site of the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station.  During the course of that day a major weapons onload was accomplished including the onload of 925 rounds of 5"/54 gun ammunition, 31 TARTAR missiles, as well as torpedoes, ASROC, and small arms ammunition.  USS WADDELL then returned to Long Beach in preparation for Ship Qualification Trials (SQT).

On 8 December 1975, USS WADDELL commenced a 2 phase Weapons Systems checkout with the aid of the Ship Qualification Assistance Team (SQAT), at the Sensor Accuracy Check Site (SACS) and the Fleet Operability Readiness Accuracy Check Site (FORACS).  The SACS/FORACS program is part of SQT, which is designed to aid the ship concerned in the operation of the missile systems, 2D and 3D search radars, support elements (dry air and coolant systems), gun systems, and anti-submarine warfare.  The primary objective of the program is to demonstrate weapons/support systems performance as operated and maintained by ship's personnel.  USS WADDELL completed the SACS/FORACS phase of SQT on 11 December 1975 and commenced preparations for the return to San Diego.

On 12 December 1975, USS WADDELL left Long Beach returning to her original home port of San Diego.  For the remainder of 1975, USS WADDELL remained inport in San Diego, conducting the Engineering MTT Phase I on 15-19 December 1975, and then commencing a Christmas Holiday leave and upkeep period 20-31 December 1975.

SIGNIFICANT MESSAGES AND CORRESPONDENCE.  The following section is comprised of significant messages concerning USS WADDELL during 1975 as well as important correspondence pertaining to the operation of the ship.  The messages are composed primarily of 22 overhaul SITREPS, a weekly summary of the ship's progress during the entire overhaul.


Upon commissioning on 28 August 1964, USS WADDELL homeported at Long Beach, California, was assigned as a unit of the First Fleet for completion of acceptance trails, sea trials, ASROC and TARTAR qualifications trials, refresher training and pre-deployment qualifications.  USS WADDELL then deployed to the Western Pacific from 28 September 1965 to 1966.

Upon completion of post deployment leave and upkeep period, USS WADDELL participated in numerous First Fleet exercises and commenced preparations for another deployment.  In December 1966, USS WADDELL again deployed to the Western Pacific.  On her a arrival to the Continental United States on 27 May 1967, USS WADDELL received a Seventh Fleet Unit Commendation for exceptional readiness and effectiveness during the deployment.

On 15 July 1968, USS WADDELL departed Long Beach enroute to her new homeport of Yokosuka, Japan.  USS WADDELL arrived in Yokosuka on 1 August 1968 and commenced operations as a unit of the U.S. Seventh Fleet.

Following her service of 292 days on the gun line off the coast of Vietnam, USS WADDELL returned stateside to her new homeport in San Diego, California on 15 August 1970.

After leave and upkeep, USS WADDELL participated in numerous First Fleet exercises prior to undergoing her second major overhaul at Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard, San Francisco.

USS WADDELL deployed for WESTPAC in early November 1971.  In late December, she was selected to represent the United States at the 1971 Imperial Ethiopian Navy Days.  Subsequently, she returned to three months of operations in Southeast Asia prior to returning to her homeport of San Diego.

January 1973 saw USS WADDELL deploying for WESTPAC once again.  During this deployment she made port calls in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore and participated in the min sweeping operation "End Sweep" off the coast of Vietnam.

Returning to San Diego in August 1973, the ship participated in routine exercises and prepared for the 1200 psi Operational Propulsion Plan Examination.  In March of 1974 USS WADDELL was the first ship in her class to pass the examination.

In April USS WADDELL again deployed to the Western Pacific.  Among the exercises the ship participated in were the multinational exercises BOMMERANG and KANGEROO I, conducted off the coast of the Philippine Islands and SHARKHUNT IX in the coastal waters of Taiwan.

Returning in October, USS WADDELL remained in San Diego until January 1975, when she changed homeports to Long Beach, California.

Following an extended overhaul period at Long Beach Naval Shipyards, USS WADDELL commenced Ship Qualification Trials (SQT) off the coast of Southern California on 12 January 1976.  Successful completion and requalification in Weapons and Engineering verified the quality of the work done in the yards and showed the ship capable of maintaining a high state of readiness.

Refresher Training began on 15 February 1976, and for the following eight weeks USS WADDELL and crew gained valuable experience and the requisite skills to operate the ship under battle conditions, was once again an effective fighting ship.

On 16April 1976, USS WADDELL in preparation for the Operational Propulsion Plan Examination (OPPE) made a high speed run, achieving a speed over the ground of 40.2 knots.  During OPPE "thorough" was the watchword and USS WADDELL made the mark, passing this important test on the first attempt.

The Nuclear Weapons Acceptance Inspection (NWAI) is designed to insure adequate enforcement of strict safety regulations if USS WADDELL were to carry nuclear weapons.  Successful completion of this crucial inspection was another landmark on the road to a scheduled deployment.

In June 1976 a Third Fleet exercise, READIEX, involved the ship as a unit of the Orange.  Able to avoid detection throughout the exercise, the credited with numberous hits against Blue Force ships and submarines, WADDELL gave further evidence of professionalism.

Another important inspection, INSURV, determined that USS WADDELL was fit for any duty, in view of its high degree of material readiness and efficiently managed weapons systems.

Prior to the eight month deployment to WESTPAC, USS WADDELL took part in a FLEETEX involving 15 ships and amphibious forces in blue water operations and beach assaults by units of the Marine Coprs.

September 25, 1976 saw USS WADDELL steam out of San Diego for an eight month WESTPAC cruise blazing new trails across the Pacific and making new friends in ports of call beginning with participation in KANGAROO II exercises with the ships of two other nations in Australia's largest peacetime maneuver, out Warship had the distinction of being the only KANGAROO I veteran involved in the Shoalwater Bay Operations.  In addition, a superior NGFS qualification off Townshend Island and the induction of 230 new "Shellbacks" in Crossing the Line ceremonies, have kept up the Waddell's excellent record and proud traditions. 

Commissioning Commanding Officer of USS WADDELL was Commander C. J. BOYD.  Subsequent Captains were Commanders B. E. WALDER, L.C. ARMEL II, P. I. CULLINS, A. J. BERBERGER, LCDR C. D. EWING, CDR. D. R. ANDERSON.  The Present Captain is Commander W. W. MANNING.