1974 Command Narrative

1.  January 1974 found USS WADDELL (DDG-24) in her home port San Diego, California, in upkeep, preparing for the Operational Propulsion Plan Examination (OPPE).  The upkeep period lasted seven weeks.  During this time, the Anti-Submarine Warfare Team (ASW) went through intensive training (Phase I and II Qualifications) using the 14A2 and 14A6 ASW Trainers. 

On 21 February 1974, USS WADDELL was underway with the 1200 PSI Mobile Training Team (MTT) to assist in preparation for Operational Propulsion Plant Examination.  These training operations extended through the months of February and March. 

On 21 March 1974, USS WADDELL got underway from San Diego for the Pacific Fleet Propulsion Examination Board OPPE, and on 29 March 1974 she returned to San Diego, California having gained the distinction of being the first Pacific Fleet ship in her class to pass the OPPE.  Following a short upkeep period, she was underway again, this time for the Naval Gunfire Support Range at San Clemente Island.  After two days on the range USS WADDELL qualified in all aspects of Naval Gunfire Support.  Upon leaving the San Clemente area USS WADDELL proceeded to the moored underway "Squaw" target in the SOCAL operations area and fired one ASROC and one torpedo.  Before returning to San Diego a brief stop was make in Seal Beach, California to load ammunition before deployment.

On 23 April 1974 USS WADDELL departed San Diego for the Western Pacific, transiting in company with two destroyers, USS LEONARD F. MASON, (DD-852) and USS ALBERT DAVID (DE-1050). The First stop was in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, where the task unit remained for two days while key personnel attended operational briefings at CINCPACFLT Headquarters.  After leaving Pearl Harbor all three ships utilized the Barking Sands underwater range (BARSTUR), where WADDELL successfully fired both an ASROC and a torpedo. 

On 6 May 1974 the transit group made a brief fuel stop at Midway Island.  USS WADDELL then proceeded independently from Midway to Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines, making another brief stop for fuel at Guam, Marianas Islands area on 13 May:  on leaving Guam, USS WADDELL provided services to USS CROCKET (PG-87) for practice underway replenishments. 

On 17 May 1974 USS WADDELL arrived in Subic Bay, but after a brief fuel stop she joined other Task Force 75 units in a MISSILEX in the Subic Bay Operations Area.  During the three day exercise USS WADDELL fired one standard missile scoring a direct hit on a Mach 0.6 Drone.  After a brief respite, USS WADDELL departed Subic Bay, RP on 30 May 1974 with an Amphibious Task Group 9USS FORT FISHER, USS BRISTOL COUNTY, USS ALAMO, USS JUNEAU, USS GURKE and USS BAUSELL) enroute to exercise Kangaroo I, off the northeast coast of Australia. 

On 10 June 1974 WADDELL commenced a week-long fleet exercise with ships from New Zealand, Australia, and Great Britain in support of an amphibious assault operation.  The exercise included AAW/ASW and Surface Warfare Tactics as well as vertical and alongside underway replenishments with Commonwealth ships. Upon completion of exercise Kangaroo I, the crew enjoyed liberty in Newcastle, Australia, (18-20 June).

On 22 June 1974 Lieutenant Commander Charles D. EWING was relieved by Commander Donald R. ANDERSON as Commanding Officer of USS WADDELL (DDG-24) at latitude 38 degrees 35' south longitude 147 degrees 59' east in the Tasman Sea while USS WADDELL was enroute from Newcastle, Australia to Melborne, Australia.  

From 23 June to 26 June 1974 USS WADDELL visited Melbourne, Australia.  On 28 June the ship rendezvoused with an Amphibious Task Group and set course for Subic Bay arriving 10 July 1974.  The following two weeks were spent in upkeep at Subic Bay Ship Repair Facility.

On 23 July USS WADDELL left Subic Bay for TABONES Naval Gunfire Support Range.  Three days were spent on the range providing spotter training for the shore fire control party and for the ship's NGFS team.  USS WADDELL was next enroute to Hong Kong on 2 August for a 10 day visit during which the Commanding Officer assumed additional duties as SOPA and SOPA Admin Hong Kong.  This was followed by another visit to Subic Bay for a seven day upkeep period. 

On 20 August, Vice Admiral G.P. STEELE, Commander Seventh Fleet visited WADDELL for an inspection and a successful briefing.  During the period 21-26 August 1974 USS WADDELL participated in another Amphibious exercise, Operation PEGASA III, which included Marines from the Republic of the Philippines.  USS WADDELL served as an escort to ships enroute to the debarkation area and subsequently provided gunfire support (similated). 

On 27 August USS WADDELL visited Subic Bay for a two and one half week upkeep period.  The last ten days of this period were spent alongside the USS DIXIE at anchor in the channel along with three other destroyers. 

USS WADDELL then set sail enroute to Kaohsiung, Taiwan arriving 13 September to participate in a joint U.S. Navy/ROC Navy coordinated ASW exercise which involved three U. S. Navy and five ROC Navy destroyers.  The exercise conducted in the Taiwan straits provided valuable experience in ASW oeprations.  It also fostered friendship and mutual respect among the participating ships. 

Upon completion of the exercise, USS WADDELL returned to Kaohsiung where the crew enjoyed another two and one half days of liberty ashore.  Upon leaving Kaohsiung on 23 September, USS WADDELL proceeded to the Subic Bay operational area to participate in another MISSILEX at Poro Pt.  An improved Tartar missile with a telemetry head was fired and more excellent training was gained. 

After another short two day inport period in Subic Bay the long awaited transit back to San Diego was begun in company with USS RANGER (CVA-61), USS GEORGE K. MACKENZIE (DD-836) and USS BRADLEY (DE-1041).  The transit to Pearl Harbor was non-stop as all units were able to refuel from USS RANGER and USS GUADALUPE.  USS WADDELL was given a rare opportunity to return the favor as she came alongside to pump 2000 gallons of feed water to the fleet oiler, USS GUADALUPE. 

On 11 October the Task Group stopped overnight in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, for fuel.  At this time, USS WADDELL embarked 20 guests including relatives of crewmembers, two representatives from Response of Hawaii and a representative from the Human Resources Management Center, San Diego.  Also the Pre-Overhaul Test & Inspection Team from Long Beach Naval Shipyard embarked for machinery sea trials.  The twelve male relatives were afforded the opportunity to ride the ship and actually witness the jobs which their sons or fathers were doing through a program which came to be known as Operation Tiger.  The guests actually lived with their relatives on board and were given comprehensive indoctrination in all of the ship's departments.  During the transit USS WADDELL underwent the final phases of pre-overhaul tests and inspections.  During this period a full power run was successfully completed along with other propulsion and maneuvering exercises.  The crew also filled out a questionnaire which was utilized during a subsequent Human Resources Availability (HRAV).

In anticipation of the upcoming overhaul, all divisions spent time preparing their ship's force overhaul management system (SFOMS) - a new computer aided management tool.

On 18 October 1974 USS WADDELL returned to San Diego amid waving signs and a Band, as the crew was reunited with their families and loved ones after a six months absence.  Immediately upon return, WADDELL began an Availability with DATC, which lasted through the end of the year.

On 14 December 1974 USS WADDELL began preoverhaul upkeep period in San Diego which lasted for the remainder of the year.

19 DEC 1975
Commanding Officer, USS WADDELL (DDG-24)

Operations Schedule

1 JAN - 20 FEB Inport San Diego
23 FEB - 24 FEB Inpport San Diego
4 MAR - 10 MAR Inport San Diego
16 MAR - 18 MAR Inport San Diego
27 MAR - 29 MAR OPS SOCAL - Operational Propulsion Plant Examination
30 MAR - 3 APR Inport San Diego
4 APR - 15 APR OPS SOCAL - San Clemente Island NGFS Range
16 APR Inport Seal Beach
17 APR Enroute San Diego
17 APR - 22 APR Inport San Diego
23 APR - 28 APR Enroute Pearl Harbor
29 APR - 30 APR Inport Pearl Harbor
3 MAY - 5 MAY Enroute Midway Island
6 MAY - 12 MAY Enroute Guam
13 MAY - 16 MAY Enroute Subic Bay, R. P.
17 MAY Brief Fuel Stop Subic Bay
21 MAY - 29 MAY Upkeep Subic Bay
30 MAY - 29 MAY Upkeep Subic Bay
30 MAY - 9 JUNE Enroute Australia
10 JUN - 16 JUN OPS in area of Shoalwater Bay, Australia (Kangaroo I)
17 JUN Enroute Newcastle, Australia
18 JUN - 20 JUN Inport Newcastle, Australia
21 JUN - 22 JUN Enroute Melbourne, Australia
23 JUN - 24 JUN Inport Melbourne, Australia
25 JUN - 27 JUN Enroute Hervey Bay, Australia
28 JUN - 9 JUL Enroute Subic Bay, R.P.
10 JUL - 22 JUL Inport Subic Bay, R.P.
23 JUL - 25 JUL Tabones OPAREA (NGFS)
26 JUL - 1 AUG Inport Subic Bay, R.P.
2 AUG - 3 AUG Enroute Hong Kong
4 AUG - 11 AUG Inport Hong Kong
12 AUG - 13 AUG Enroute Subic Bay, R.P.
14 AUG - 20 AUG Inport Subic Bay, R.P.
21 AUG - 26 AUG Phillippine Sea OPAREA (PEGASA III)
27 AUG - 12 SEP Inport Subic Bay, R. P.
13 SEP Enroute Kaohsiung, Taiwan
14 SEP - 16 SEP Inport Kaohsiung, Taiwan
21 SEP - 22 SEP Enport Kaohsiung, Taiwan
23 SEP Enroute Subic Bay OPAREA
27 SEP - 28 SEP Inport Subic Bay, R. P.
29 SEP - 10 OCT Enroute Pearl Harbor
11 OCT - 12 OCT Inport Pearl Harbor
13 OCT - 17 OCT OCT Enroute
18 OCT - 31 DEC Inport San Diego