1962 - 1964 Narrative

The Keel is Laid, 6 February 1962
Launch, 26 February 1963

On 26 Fegruary 1963 - Mrs. Howard W. Cannon, sponsor of the guided missile destroyer USS WADDELL (DDG-24) and wife of Nevada US Senator Howard W. Cannon, smashed the traditional bottle of champagne on the first try. Others in the photo are the matron of honor, Mrs. Robert G. Zener, wife of Todd's general manager; and Captain J.B. Shirley, USN, Supervisor of Shlipbuilding, Seattle.
During the Commissioning Ceremony on 28 August 1964, Commander Carl J. Boyd, USN, became the first Commanding Officer of the USS WADDELL DDG-24.

Narratives by Departments


SPS-40 Immediately after commissioning the SPS-40 developed rigid coax troubles which have plagued the equipment installation. Symptomatically, the equipment exhibited a high standing wave ratio, a tendency to arc throughout the transmission line and to throw inverse current overloads. The cause of this was determined to be dirty connections, crushed elbow connectors, misaligned guide sections, and an inadequate number of spacers. The immediate action was removal, cleaning, overhaul of the transmission line, and replacement of the PA cavity and PA tube.

ECM The AN/WLR-1A provided problems from commissioning. Tuner sensitivity tracking was unsatisfactory on all bands, and various bands were below minimum sensitivity standards most of the time, despite continual repair and alignment by ship's force working frequently with outside assistance. A variety of other problems existed, including troubles in both the AS-616 and AS-899 antenna drive systems.


Upon Commissioning in August 1964, communications was officially established on board ship; However, guard was ashore at the Communications Center at Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Washington, due to additional drydock requirements and shipyard work pending.

In October the online equipment was delivered and installed at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Upon delivery it was checked out and accepted from the Shipyard. The ship departed the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in October 1964 to conduct antenna radiation test patterns at DABOB Bay test area. The guard was aboard and was kept for the trip to Bangor, Washington and Esquimalt, B.C., 17-19 October 1964, and the following trip from Bremerton to Long Beach, 28-81 October. Upon arrival Long Beach, the ship assumed flag guard requirements; however, guard was officially assumed by NAVCOMMCENTER LBEACH. On 4 November the ship resumed communications guard for the transit from Long Beach to San Francisco until our return about 6 November, at which time it was again shifted to NAVCOMMCEN LBEACH. During the transit both from LBEACH and the return, message traffic averaged 30-40 per day.

Operations Schedule

August USS WADDELL (DDG-24) commissioned
September Fitting out at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
October 1-28 Completion of fitting out and sea trials at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
October 28-31 Enroute from Puget Sound Naval Shipyard to Long Beach
November Missile Loadout, ASROC Loadout, Sea Trials, Missile
December Shipboard Qualification Tests, Sonar Radiation Tests