2006, Death of a Valient Warship


 On May 29 2006, off Crete, the Hellenic Navy performed acceptance test firings of its MBDA MM40 Block 2 SSMs. These firings were also acceptance tests for its two new, Super Vita-type FAC(M)s, HS Rousen (P-67) and HS Daniolos (P-68), as each fired one missile against HS Nearchos (D-219), a decommissioned C.F. Adams-class DDG. The missile shot by HS Rousen ran a 64 km straight course, while that from HS Daniolos, ran a 44 km dog-leg course. Also taking part were a Sikorsky S-70B Aegean Hawk helicopter, side number ΠΝ 60, which fired a Hellfire II air-to-surface missile and HS Triton (S-112), a Type 209/1100 submarine, which fired a SST-4 torpedo. Following the day-long firings, HS Nearchos finally sunk late in the evening. Photo Credit: Hellenic Navy.

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