Commander Antonios Boumpas

His RECORD OF SERVICE includes the periods:
    Jul 1987 - Aug 1989 HS MIAOYLIS (DDH)
    Aug 1989 - Aug 1990 Executive Officer HS TYFON (FPBT)
    Feb 1992 - Jul 1993 Executive Officer - Weapons Officer HS ARETHOUSA (AP)
    Jul 1993 - Jul 1994 Commanding Officer HS ANDROMEDA (PT)
    Jul 1994 - Jul 1995 Commanding Officer HS KYKNOS (PT)
    Jul 1996 – Oct 1997 Executive Officer - Weapons Officer HS ORMI (PG)
    Oct 1997 - Jul 1998 Commanding Officer HS STAMOY (PBG)
    Jul 1998 – Feb 2000 Executive Officer HS NEARCHOS (DDG)
    Feb 2000 – Jul 2001 Commanding Officer HS ORMI (PG)
    Jul 2001 – Sep 2003 Deputy Director - Director CORFU NAVAL STATION
    Jun 2004 - Jan 2005 Hellenic National Defence General Staff; Transportation, Strategic Sealift
    Jan 2005 - Athens Multinational Sealift Coordination Centre; Deputy Director/COS, Plans and Policy Dir, Operations Dir

He is a 1987 graduated of the Hellenic Naval Academy and completed additional training at:
    Authorized Deck Officer, Flight Deck Officer (ADO, FDO) for Helicopters
    Electronic Warfare (EWO)l
    Navigation, Weapons, Communications, ASW Officer, Damage Control, Naval War College
    Weapons Officer
    Naval War College.
    Supreme Joint War College

The Commander's foreign language skills include ENGLISH 82% (Cambridge Advanced Level Certificate) and DUTCH 80% (IONIAN University Professor’s Certificate of Attendance)

His decorations and Medals include:

1.     The Knight Gold Cross of the Order of Honor

2.     The Commander Cross of the Order of Phoenix

3.     The Meritorious Command Medal (silver award)

4.     The Medal of Military Merit (silver award)


Commander Antonios Boumpas HN, was born in Larisa, Thessalia 23th July 1965. He joined the Naval Academy in 1983 as a Naval Cadet and graduated in 1987, receiving his commission as an ensign.

He has successfully served for more than 15 years on board surface ships, (6 years as Commanding Officer on board Fast Patrol Boats, 6 years as Executive Officer onboard at a variety of vessels).

He has successfully completed the two (2) major War Colleges, the Naval as Lieutenant and the Supreme Joint as Lieutenant Commander.

He attended the European Capabilities Action Plan for Strategic Sealift Project Group (ECAP SSL PG) and Prague Capabilities Commitment High Level Group for Strategic Sealift (PCC HLG SSL) as National Representative from Jun 2004 until now. He is currently Point of Contact of the AMSCC and the European Defence Agency (EDA).

He currently studies at PANTEION Athens University on Public Administration.

He is married to Pauline. They have one (1) son.