Commander Dimitrios Papagiannidis

Commander D. Papagiannidis was born in 1954 at the City of Mitilini of the Greek island Lesvos.  In 1973 he joined the Hellenic Naval Academy as a first year Naval Cadet.

In 1977 he graduated from the Hellenic Naval Academy as an officer with the rank of Ensign.

During the early years of his carrier as an officer he was stationed on several surface ships where he was assigned various duties as a deck officer.

His previous experience as a commanding officer includes the period 1983-1984 on PBA STAMOU and 1990-1992 on PBFA BLESSAS.  During 1993-1995 he served as a staff officer at the Hellenic Naval Academy and from 1995 until 1996 he assumed the duties of the Department Head of education of the Academy.

In 1996 he was assigned Head of Operations for the Command of the Hellenic Fleet (COMHELFLEET).

On the 6th of July 1998 he assumed the command of HS NEARCHOS.  As the Commander of HS NEARCHOS he has participated in the Standard Forces of Mediterranean during 1999, and numerous National Naval Operations.

Commander D. Papagiannidis is a graduate of the Hellenic Naval War College and the National Defense School.

He has been awarded with the Gold Cross of the Order of Honor, the Commanders Badge of the Order of Phoenix, the Silver Metal of Military Merit and the Navy Meritorious Command Metal.

He is married and has a son eight years old and a daughter one year old.

He is a permanent resident of Athens.