Rear Admiral Konstantinos Karlis

Rear Admiral Konstantinos KARLIS HN was born in Tripoli, Greece in 1950.  He entered the Hellenic Naval Academy in 1967 and graduated in 1971, commissioned with the rank of Ensign.

He served in surface ships and in submarines and has been assigned Commanding Officer on LST CRETE, LST KOS, DDG KOUDOURIOTIS and DDG NEARHOS.

He has also served as :

-         Head of Operations Section of the Fleet Command (Lieutenant Commander)

-         Head of Intelligence of the Hellenic Navy General Staff (Commander)

-         Chief of Staff of the Hellenic Destroyer and Frigate Command (Captain)

-         Director of Intelligence and Security of the Hellenic Navy General Staff (Captain)

-         Substitute Chief of Staff of the Hellenic Fleet (Commodore)

-         Director of A Branch of the Hellenic Navy General Staff (Commodore)

-         Commander of Salamis Naval Base (Commodore)

-         Deputy Chief of the Hellenic Fleet (Rear Admiral)

Dates of promotions :

Ensign 1971, Lieutenant Junior Grade 1974,Lieutenant 1978, Lieutenant  Commander 1983, Commander 1987, Captain 1993, Commodore 1998, Rear Admiral 2002.

Education :

ASW in the USA, Hellenic Navy Naval War College, Law School of the University of Athens, Postgraduate course in the Law of the Sea in the Panteion University, Athens

Foreign Languages :


Rear Admiral K. KARLIS HN is married and has a son.