Commander Evangelos Androvitsaneas

Commander Androvitsaneas was born in 1957. He joined the Navy in 1975 when he entered the Hellenic Naval Academy.

He served on HS TOMPAZIS DD-215 (1979-81) and then joint the Submarines Service. During his 15 years Submarine career he served on HS PAPANIKOLIS S114 (1982-83), on HS GLAFKOS S110 (1983-87), on HS POSEIDON S116 (1987-89) as X.O., on HS POSEIDON S116 (19S9-1994) as C.O., at COMHELSUB Staff (1998-00) as Chief of Staff and as C.O. on “HS NEARCHOS” D-219 (2002-2003).

He also served in the Staff of NAVDOC SUDA BAY for two years (1996-98) as Administrator Divisioner.

He assumed Commander of NAD SUDA BAY CRETE on July ‘00.

He is graduate of all Hellenic Navy Submarines Line Officers Special Courses- of the Hellenic Naval Postgraduate School and of the Hellenic Naval War College.

Ranks and Promotions:
     Ensign 1979.
     Lt. Junior Grade 1982.
     Lieutenant 1986.
     Lt. Commander 1991.
     Commander 1995.

Decorations, Medals and Commendation Medals:
     Knight Gold Cross of the Order of Hounour.
     Commanders Cross of the Order of Phoenix.
     Medal of Military Merit B’ Class.
     Navy Force Meritorious Command Medal B' Class.

He is married and has two children.

Change of COs, AUG 2002,( Commander A.PANAGOPOULOS H.N.-Commander E.ANDROVITSANEAS H.N.) Destroyer's Commander Commodore E.KOROVESIS H.N.;