What's New on the Website!

13 July 2015 - David Frosch (RM2 '68-'70) was added to the memorial page.

1 July 2015 - Richard Holewa (SM2 '64 -'66) provided new info for VA benefits, click here.

12 June 2015 - Adrian L Brown (FTMS '84-97) was added to the memorial page.

4 Mar 2015 - Dennis J Saienni (SMC '64-'68) was added to the memorial page.

3 Feb 2015 - David Paul Morgan (MPA '85-'86) died on 1 Feb 2015. See his memorial page.

10 Jan 2015 - Leonard B. (Ben) Alexander ('71-'73) is the first known shipmate to meet his "maker" this year. See his memorial.

26 Dec 2014 - Clark Vegazo has provided a new, 1 hr +,  Waddell Movie [see it on You Tube]. Some background has been added as a new "SEA STORY".

27 Oct 2014 - A newsletter from the USS Adams Museum.

3 Oct 2014 - A newsletter from the USS Adams Museum.

27 Sept 2014 - Donald G Hay, age 80, died on August 28, 2014. Don was the Engineering Officer, '64-'67.

9 Sept 2014 - The DDG museum ship is firming up in Jacksonville, click here for the latest news.

28 July 2014 - Steve M Kreutner, age 60 died on June 7.  He was the Ops Officer on waddell 1983-1985.

17 May 2014 - Roy L. Agle, age 83, of Orem, UT passed away. Roy a LTJG, served in  Engineering on Waddell 1964-1966.

7 March 2014 - Lowell D. Huber age 66 of Burnsville, MN, passed away. Lowell, a BM3, served on Waddell 1967-1968

3 March 2014  - Thomas Leonard Varney, FTM3, a resident of Santa Clara, Utah, died February 3, 2014 at 70 years of age. Tom served on Waddell 1968-1970 in WM Division.

27 January 2014 -The link to Asbestos.com has been added to our Links Page.  Details follow.

My name is John LaGrace and I'm a member of the Public Outreach Department for the Mesothelioma Center. While I was browsing through a number of armed forces websites, I came across your website. Countless veterans are currently suffering from life-threatening illnesses such as mesothelioma cancer, which are a result of exposure to asbestos, a material that in the past was commonly used in hundreds of military applications, products, and ships because of its resistance to fire. We have created a section on our website specifically for veterans in order to inform them about the dangers of asbestos exposure.

We attempting to team up with the armed forces to educate our veterans about exposure to asbestos. I was wondering if you could consider using us as a resource on your website at http://www.usswaddell.com/files/links.html. We would greatly appreciate your help spreading awareness to the individuals affected by asbestos.

Please feel free to take a look at our website asbestos.com and let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our country, and I look forward to hearing back from you. Have a great day!

Best Regards, John LaGrace, Public Outreach Mesothelioma Center at Asbestos.com

23 January 2014 - Scanned and posted four Cruise Books [1967, 1972, 1977, & 1983] to improve photos and readability. Updated the crew photo albums. Added Jimmy Ellis [GMM2, '68-'72] and Joe B. Wilson to the  Memorial Page.

13 December 2013 - Added a recommended article from "Sea CLASSICS" magazine, March 2007 issue. This article uses Waddell as the model as the best of the class.

22 November 2013 - Added Greg W Lankford, MM3 81-84 to the Memorial Page

19 November 2013 - Added Richard A Light, MMCS, '64-'65 to the Memorial Page. He left us Oct. 13, 2013.

15 November 2013 - Addedd Carl A. Sebree to the Memorial Page.

23 October 2013 - A Sailors Random Thoughts by Bill Brewer to our Sea Stories.

15 October 2013 - Added a photo album by Mark Williams, 1982

1 October 2013 - Added two web albums: John English visiting Grant Walker, 2013 & Jerry Sekscinski, 1983

28 August 2013 - Added RMCS(SW) Larry J. Dyer's Tribute to Rear Admiral Cullins' Memorial Page.

15 July 2013 - Waddell (DDG-24) Operated on Saigon River during March 1966 and Cua Viet River during March 1967 Agent Orange exposure listing from the Dept of Veteran’s Affairs.

12 July 2013 - I was lucky enough to live in Adelaide when USS Waddell visited us in 1984. I met some lovely sailors. Robert Pope was one of them and I got to visit him and his friends in LA a couple of years later. I and my family were treated to a lovely barbecue by him and some of his shipmates. I was just wondering if there is a way I can get in touch with him after all these years? Thank you. Fran Spears <franspears48@gmail.com>

1 June 2013 - Added James P. Kvederis to the memorial page.

12 April 2013 - Added a new photo album with a single photo shared by Rod Joye DDG-3 and added his email to the Mail Locker which also has a link to his printable pdf file.

6 April 2013 - Check out the new link on the Navigation Menu. Danny Hall, '64-'66 started a facebook group, DDG-24 #2. This is an online chat site limited to Waddell shipmates. Join and stay in touch.

11 Mar 2013 - Added a new Sea Story, this one from the British Royal Navy.

9 Mar 2013 - Added a Mail Locker to the Navigation menu.

25 Dec 2012 - Added Johen W. Cherriman to the Memorial Page.

24 Dec 2012 - Emailed a Christmas Card to all Hands.

8 Oct 2012 - Added James E. Diggles to the Memorial Page.

1 Oct 2012 - Added Albert H. Fowler, ETN-2 to the Memorial page.

2 Sept 2012 - Added a new album of 228 photos by Dale Miller, 68-70 WESPAC.

25 June 2012 - Garrett Gray published the second Newsletter for the year.  Check the File Locker on the left.

31 May 2012 - Paul Effinger found online stores for purchasing patches, caps, shirts and more. Check the Links page.

10 May 2012 - Added RAdm Cullins to the Memorial page.

30 April 2012 - Added a new Sea Story, "From Russia, With Love"

30 April 2012 - Updated and expanded the History pages. I have now used all the original website files and data.

26 March 2012 - I was very fortunate to be a part of the Vietnam memorial 10th. anniversary by being able to read the names of 60 veterans from the wall. All 58,000 plus names were read from November 6-11, 1992 twenty four hours a day. It was quite the honor. I was fortunate to be able to step aside for one name so that the veterans sister could read the name. I met such people as Jan Scruggs, Morley Safer, Adrian Cronauer, Lew Puller, Bill Jennings and Rocky Bleir of the Steelers. It’s a great place to reflect on your piece of history that is yours forever.  JD Caldron [VVMF has been added to the Navy Links page]

19 March 2012 - Added more photos to Bill Howe's photo album.

15 March 2012  - Bill Howe reports that Randall “Kent” Flowers BT2 After Fireroom [64-67] died January 12, 2010. Kent's name has been added to the Memorial page.

5 March 2012 - Allen (Bones) Jones shared some thoughts about the SEA BAG on the Sea Story Blog.

29 February 2012 - Added some thoughts of a Plank owner to the Sea Story Blog and updated Appendix 2:"66, Busy Week" Sea Story, an input from the USS Navasota AO-106.

24 February 2012 - Allen Jones recommended addition of a new Navy Link. This link has bee added to that page: Lists of allied military operations of the Vietnam War

24 February 2012 - Bob Fowler sharing belly laughs; see the latest Sea Story.

19 February 2012 - Jim Melton emailed two documents which have been filed: 1966 & 1967 Small Arms Qualifications

4 February 2012 - Tom Steinagle has received that latest JHNSA/ACVA Newsletter and wishes to share.

4 February 2012 - The Waddell Newsletter - 2012-1 was emailed this morning. If you did not receive your link, email the webmaster and ask to be added.

28 January 2012 - Added a new photo album, Commissioning, 1964

26 January 2012 - The Don Landin’s interment is January 31st at 9:00am EST.  There will be 17 people attending the event.  See Don's Memorial page for the details

26 January 2012 - Bill Brewer reports, after calling his sister this morning, that Member 00021, Joseph F. Crilley, SK-2, 64-66  passed away last year. His name has been added to the Memorials.

25 January 2012 - Added a new photo Album, George Jensen [66-68].

24 January 2012 - Posted the Association 12/2011 Survey Results in their File Locker.

22 January 2012 - Ed Hernandez [66-68] sent in this old Navy (14 minute)  film --- brings back a ton of memories about so much that is good about USN.  For those Newport sailors who do not remember hull numbers,  DD881 is Bordelon, DD758 is Strong,  DD868 is Brownson, DD710 is Gearing, and AO54 is Chikaskia.


22 January 2012 - Welcome to the new website. As a result of the 12/2011 Survey, which contained a suggestion to use ideas from a specific URL, this update resulted. All who view this website are asked to correct errors and suggest improvements.  The email address is the bottem of every page. Don't hesitate. TE Trisel