Mail for Shipmates


10:36 PM (9 hours ago)

Thomas Leonard Varney, FTM3, a resident of Santa Clara, Utah, died February 3, 2014 at 70 years of age. Tom served on Waddell 1968-1970 in WM Division.

Submitted by Richard E. Rollison, FTCS, USN, Ret.

4/12/2013, Rod Joye, DDG-3

WADDELL Sailors,

I haven’t heard of any corrections needed to the drawing so use the one I sent to hand out, print, or whatever you want. (Many ship’s organizations put them on their website for sale to benefit the group, or to give to anyone that wants one.)

ALL HANDS magazine has digital copies of each issue online going back to the 1920’s While reading the May ’63 issue today, I found an article about WADDELL. Enjoy your reunion.


Rod Joye

Mantua, OH,

[Note from the webmaster, I have placed Rod's Original file in the ship's file locker: Online Files, for viewing and downoading]

3/4/2013, Robert H. Boles, '64-'67

Hope all goes well with the Re-union. Margo‘s, my spouse, health precludes any travel, or much out of home visitation. Her wheelchair can only be accessed when our Caregiver is here to use the hoyer-lift, as well as getting her dressed for out of house visits, either to visit family or Dr. appointments. We have a very small window when that can happen... generally Thursday thru Monday, when Caregiver is available.. Then my 'Ramp-van' also must be available to get her into it, in the wheelchair, to travel at distances available to the Van.... You know the Song "Don't get around much anymore"... That's the way it is!

We send our regards to Shipmates, and trust they will have a great time, as well as an experience! Fair Winds, and Following Seas to All.

Bob Boles

9/3/2013, Jack Gelke, '68-'70

Greetings from Pebble Beach and Jack Gelke, XO from '68-'70.

Fair winds,

Captain Jack Gelke USN(Ret)

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